The Saisho Ceremony
of Fire and Water

Inspiring Hope and Healing

November 19, 2017, 11:00 AM
Singapore Indoor Stadium

The Gift of Wisdom and Compassion

Drawing from traditional Buddhist rites, Her Holiness Shinso Ito, Head of Shinnyo-en, will lead us in a ceremony that celebrates the human potential. The saisho service brings together the elements of fire and water to awaken our inherent wisdom and compassion.

Its interactive style—a mix of tradition and innovation—offers a reflective moment of interconnectedness and gratitude for all that have made us who we are today. Empowered with courage, we are inspired to let our individual goodness shine through by responding to those around us with hope and healing.

Sharing Our Stories of Saisho

Coming Together for Hope and Healing

As we gather for the saisho ceremony in Singapore, we invite all people, in celebration of our differences, to walk with us on the path to achieving harmony amid diversity.

We believe that through this ceremony, we can find oneness in affirming our desire to sow the seeds of goodness in this world.

In a world rife with conflicts and sadness, let the qualities symbolised by fire and water inspire hope and healing for all.

The Fire Element

Fire gives us strength and energy when we feel weary. It is also fire that awakens our desire to become a light for others and strengthens our resolve to do good every day. The saisho rituals Her Holiness conducts bring forth these positive qualities, emboldening us to overcome life’s daily challenges while becoming more attuned to the needs of others.

Fire & Water

The Water Element

The water element represents the intention to extend our lovingkindness and compassion to all, even those who came before us. The offering of water has traditionally corresponded with the act of giving and transferring our merit to others. Water gives life, nourishes, heals, and empowers souls of the past, present, and future.

A Look Back on Past Fire
and Water Ceremonies


Shinnyo-en Singapore members with Member of Parliament for Marine Parade GRC Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, inter-faith friends, and community leaders during the 2017 Chinese New Year celebration

About Shinnyo-en Singapore

Formally established in 1994, our Shinnyo-en community has since extended various services and activities to foster community bonding and strengthen social cohesion and inter-religious harmony. We value the promotion of mutual understanding and cooperation in celebration of Singapore’s multi-cultural society.

Members work together to walk the selfless path of lovingkindness, contribute to the well-being of all, and bring out our individual differences to live in harmony.