About Shinnyo-en

Shinnyo-en is a global Buddhist community founded by Masters Shinjo and Tomoji Ito with the fundamental wish for all people to lead a life of happiness and fulfillment.

The Buddhist term shinnyo denotes both buddhahood (spiritual awakening) and the nature of reality; en refers to a borderless garden or inclusive space. Shinnyo-en is a place for people to discover and develop the buddha, or awakened nature, within themselves through altruistic Buddhist practice.

Today, Shinnyo-en is led by Shinjo and Tomoji’s direct successor, Her Holiness Shinso. Born in Japan in 1942 as the daughter of Shinjo and Tomoji, Shinso completed her formal training in the Shinnyo-en tradition to carry on their legacy. Her inspiring messages of peace and enlightenment encourage an engaged form of practice that is profoundly relevant for people living in the modern age.