Saisho Ceremony:
A Deeper Look

The term “saisho” refers to the all-encompassing power of awakening that transcends all boundaries, manifested by our desire to do good for others.

The saisho ceremony is an invitation for us to look into the self on a profound level so we can let our individual goodness shine through. Officiated by Her Holiness Shinso Ito, the Head of Shinnyo-en, this ceremony sparks the joy of acting for the well-being of others by bringing together our prayers for the past, present, and future.

A History of Praying for Peace

The first saisho event was held in 1992 towards realising founding master, Shinjo Ito’s wish of bringing peace to the world. Envisioned to foster harmony and deepen dialogues, the saisho ceremony has since been celebrated in many parts of the world including Japan, France, Taiwan, Germany, and the United States.

The service is conducted before the nirvana image, sculpted by Master Shinjo Ito with the wish for each of us to awaken to our inner light and let it shine through.

The “sai” in saisho means to help, and “sho” means to reach out to others. The term refers to the act of grasping the hand of others to together experience true fulfillment and happiness. Extending beyond personal spiritual awakening, through the saisho ceremony we offer as gifts our actions of hope and healing in a spirit of togetherness to create a harmonious world.

Watch the 2014
Saisho Ceremony in Taipei

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